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Sometimes nothing says it like part of a favorite song. 
The free application lets you convert part of a song (up to 15 seconds) into a sound effects button.   You select the start and end time with a millisecond resolution.  The Button Programming screen will allow you to test and adjust your start and end times.  The free application allows you to delay the effect for up to 15 seconds.   For a full entrance jam, the pro can play the whole track with up to a minute delay (sneak up on your loved one and start having “your song” play automatically as you start dancing).

Development and Test Team Favorites

The following is a list of some of the development and evaluation team’s favorites clips.  If you have your own recommendations to add to the list, feel free to e-mail them to suggestions@jimbocosw.com  

More Information on Quipster

You can only attach a button to songs (files) held on your device.    The interface currently displays a selection of 9 labeled buttons, using the list editor, you can create new buttons and arrange the display order.

The app also supports microphone recording.   The next time you are watching the youngsters, feel free to associate their behavior contract with a button; providing an on-demand reminder of their behavior commitments.  Consider recording the “serious” parent saying “we will talk when I get home.”

The application comes with a small collection of stock sound effects.  Stock effects with a plus sign ‘+’ in the label are linked effects.  The first portion will play in a looped mode (playing continuously) until you hit the button a second time to play the continuation effect (e.g. drum roll + gong).

The free version can support up to 4 user defined buttons that can be attached to a local recording on your device.  The application supports most mp3 files (so long as they have an underlying sampling rate of 44.1Khz).   The application can only support originally sourced m4a (apple format) files.  You can delay the start of a single play audio clip for up to 10 seconds.

If you do not see your tracks of interest on the file selection screen, request a rescan.   If you do not see your files, chances are they are held encrypted.  The application cannot decode encrypted files from applications like Amazon Prime (if you did not pay for the file, it is held on your device in an encrypted format to the protect artist rights).

The application includes a multi-channel mixer and allows you layer effects.   A lonely scoutmaster in training could use a single recording to replicate a multi-part “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  Older and slower phones may only be able to support 3 concurrent channels.

The application can be upgraded with an in-app purchase which will allow you to have up to 50 user defined buttons.  The “pro” upgrade allow you to be able to use the entire song.  The “pro” version also extends the one-shot effect delay from 10 seconds to 60 seconds and the maximum microphone recording time from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

With the pro version, you can have your own entrance jam.  It can play the entire (or just part) of a song with a delay of up to 60 seconds.  Plenty of time for you to get ready to make your entrance to your song. Type your paragraph here.