JBC Software Inc.

The JBC MashUp Editor


This application is under development.  A mashup is a collection of pieces of audio clips combined in a coherent audio stream.  By sampling pieces of various songs, the user can come up with custom audio tracks.

This application will allow you to create a mashup on your phone using unencrypted media held on your smartphone.  The tool uses the clip parser from Quipster which provides you with a graphical means to help you isolate a clip of interest from a song.   These clips can be linked together.  Each clip link provides for an overlap with the its predecessor.

The possibilities are endless.  The mashup editing tool will allow you to embed mashups within a mashup.   So, if you want to come up with a custom chorus/refrain for your mashup, no problem.

As with other JBC products, this will follow the freemium model with the free version being ad free as well. The free version of the application will be limited feature.  You will be able to create and play mashups and be able to allocate up to 10 clips that you can integrate into your mashup.   The pro version (yet to be reasonably priced) will allow you to have up to 100 clips, allow you to save your mashup to a mono 22.04 KHz sample rate mp3 file, and it will allow you to save your mashup as a ring tone file.