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JBC Software Inc.

Multi-dimensional diversity is important at JBC.  However, we reserve the right to make fun of humorless and mean-spirited people.  Our applications need to cater to our customer’s needs and their diverse sense of humor.  Purveyors and maintainers of stale stereotypes are fair ground to be lambasted through irony. Our bottom line is don’t be intentionally mean to someone (unless they are a federally elected official – their emotional therapy is covered by the generous health plans that we pay for).

Key Policies 


Intentional Smartphone Product Restrictions

  • JBC products intentionally avoid the collection and retention of any information that could allow someone to compromise your identity and accounts.   All financial transactions will happen through the Google and Apple play store infrastructures.  We rely on the application stores to provide user account security.
  • Feature information is held locally on the device under a loosely encrypted file with a device specific key. 
  • The only planned way for us to identify our users is through the e-mail address associated with incident reports or forum accounts.

Intentional Website Restrictions

  • To participate in product forums, an e-mail address will be required.  The user will be allowed to set their unique forum username.

Data Collection

  • To support product improvement, users will be able to e-mail application logs and configuration information for analysis.  These will form an incident report which is e-mailed to incidents@jimbocosw.com. 
  • The logs and configuration information will not include any Personal Identification Information, but the logs may give us insight into your sense of humor and taste in music. 

Consumer Privacy

  • JBC does not intentionally share or sell your data to anyone.  If you help us by e-mailing us logs and/or participating in our forums; we will not sell your e-mail address to anyone.
  • However, JBC will always quickly support legitimate law enforcement requests for any data.

TODO - snag a "team" picture.

JBC was formed in 2017 and our headquarters are in Huntington Beach, California.   

Our focus in the development of entertainment applications and geek toys (stated with affection for our tribe).

We’re committed to providing our customers with entertainment, laughs and smiles.

For more information, please contact us at info@jimbocosw.com.